Three Questions: Interviews With Inspiring Entrepreneurs

In this interview Wendy Keir – Mentor and Coach, talks about how she struggled in business for eight years until she finally had a huge realisation. That unlessl she changed her money-mindset from one of lack, to one of prosperity, she could not be successful in her business.

Isn’t It Time We All Owned Our Inner Trump?

We all have parts of ourselves that want to behave badly and get away with it. We have judgemental thoughts and biases. We are full of prejudices and presumptions. We want to be paid attention to and heard, sometimes even when we’re at our most unreasonable. Perhaps especially, when we’re at our most unreasonable.

Controlling and Abusive Relationships

In the most unstable egos, that shift shows up as extreme physical violence and/or verbal abuse. It’s the switch from kindness to coldness or calmness to violent outbursts. that wears the controlled one, down. And make no mistake it is a deliberate wearing down.