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Our Guest:

Our guest is Nathan Simmonds. Nathan is a Leadership Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author with 23 years in leadership roles across 4 different continents, in multiple sectors.

As a result, he’s both a pessimist and an optimist about the modern working culture. What he’s learned about himself on that journey is that everything he does is about challenging peoples’ thinking so they can become more incredible today than yesterday.

His clients have improved business revenues by 46% and increased personal salaries by 42% all the way up to 427%! Nathan also helps his clients to either halve their working week or double their income so that they get more time with the important people in their lives while being creative with their work they do.

Three Questions Interview with Leadership Coach Nathan Simmonds

In this interview Nathan shares his journey from successful but frustrated, substance-abusing employee to inspiring leadership coach, consultant, speaker and author.

Along the way he highlights some surprising statistics on just how many people are unhappy with the work they do, what the 4 phases or work are (very insightful) and how shit experiences can be the best fertilizer for growth!

Nathan Simmond’s book can be found on Amazon.

‘STOP WORKING START LIVING, How to stop making BS excuses and do you’

Nathan on LinkedIn

Three Questions: Interviews that bring inspiration, information and clarity to your business journey, from some of today’s most authentic movers and shakers. Hosted by writer and journalist and owner of Copy Keeper, Yvette Bowen.

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