Mina Chang is A Résumé-Embellishing Badass

We’ve all told a few porky pies on our résumés in our search to find the perfect position. I know I have (soz previous bosses.) Like the lie, I told that I’d been a fire-fighter for West Cumbria’s Fire Service.

What I didn’t mention, was that what this entailed, was me starting and putting out a small fire in the fire service’s office dustbin. Don’t ask.

The stakes get higher, however, the more prominent the position. Like the one Trump appointee, Mina Chang held as deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations. That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it Mina?

Well, Ms. Chang has been, shall we say, a little creative with her résumé. Going so far as to fake herself on a Time Magazine cover. Audacious? Sure! Smart? Not so much. And that’s not the only thing Mina lied about. Naughty Mina.

Mina Chang is NOT A Harvard MBA Graduate

Ms Mina’s defence when this was discovered? That she did some research on LinkedIn and discovered that lots of other people had lied about the same thing on their résumés. That’s the spirit, Mina!

Back to the Faked Time Magazine Cover

The fake Time Magazine cover was first shown on a 2017 American public affairs show, where Ms. Chang was booked as a guest to speak about the non-profit organization she then worked for.

Apparently, Mina ‘forgot to mention’ that the image was fake because: “No one asked her about it.” Seems Mina took the old “don’t ask, don’t tell” armed services directive, to the next level.

Now, there are a lot of things she could have faked, but Mina does not do things by halves. I’d like to think that her fake shenanigans were a nod to President Trump. Hey Donald, we’re both fake Time Magazine cover besties now right? 

Maybe that’s why she got the job. Mr. Trump was not only impressed by her brazenness and chutzpah, he probably wanted a few pointers too.

Ms Chang Even Embellished Her Resignation Letter

Either way, regardless of why she lied, she has had to resign from her prestigious position now that those lies have been made public. Her resignation letter stated that the resignation would be effective immediately, yet her profile was still active on the State Department’s website for days after.

Maybe there’s still hope for Mina. Sounds like a Go Fund Me promo: Hope For Mina! Let’s Get Her Another Job!

What’s next for Ms. Mina Chang?

Well, and this is just a suggestion, Ms. Chang will end up on the revamped American version of The Apprentice, as one of the advisers, when Mr. Trump resumes his previous role as a TV show host. This to take place when his tenure as the president ends of course – which may be in 2040 if he gets his way.

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Image from Dallas News

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