Three Questions Interview Series. Interviews With Inspiring Entrepreneurs

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Our Guest:

Our first guest is Wendy Kier. Wendy is a renowned mentor and coach who works with female entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and experts. She helps her clients engage with a wide online audience and level-up their business quickly.

Three Questions Interview Series/: Interviews With Inspiring People
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Three Questions Interview with Renowned Mentor and Coach, Wendy Kier

In this interview Wendy talks about how she struggled in business for eight years until she had a huge realisation. Unless she changed her money-mindset from one of lack, to one of prosperity, she could not be successful in her business.

She shares how and why, she went from charging individuals £37.00 per month for a membership service, to charging £5000 for one of her Premium Signature Programs. This is a heart-warming interview full of insights and tips and we even have a surprise guest called Stinky.

Wendy’s Free Offers:

Your Money Archetypes:

FREE Money Personality Assessment

Premium Signature Program Leveraging Checklist:

Three Questions: Interviews that bring inspiration, information and clarity to your business journey, from some of today’s most authentic movers and shakers. Hosted by writer and journalist and owner of Copy Keeper, Yvette Bowen.

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