Like many, I was glued to the running commentary of the Presidential Campaign. I took note of the sound bites from Trump rallies that reflected a much darker truth than just President Trump and his antics.

His most vociferous supporters, the ones who are the most fervent and single-minded in their belief that only Trump can save America, are the ones who most got my attention.

Not because of their stridency, not even because of their often abusive language or denial of Trump’s incendiary language at certain points in his campaign. No, my attention was brought to the voice within them that represent those spaces within us all.

We all have parts of ourselves that want to behave badly and get away with it. We have judgemental thoughts and biases. We are full of prejudices and presumptions.

We want to be paid attention to and heard, sometimes even when we’re at our most unreasonable. Perhaps especially, when we’re at our most unreasonable.

We want to blame the woes that we can’t immediately change through simple hard work and focus, on someone or something else. We’d rather look without, and attack, rather than look within.

We often avoid exploring the belief systems and inner biases that keep us stuck in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

Trump Supporters Want Someone To Blame

If, as in the case of many Trump supporters, their wages haven’t risen in line with inflation and their job prospects are tenuous, they want someone to blame. If the ethnic landscape is changing in ways they feel threatened by, they want to lash out.

When they don’t feel they have the power they used to have in society, then attacking those who now seem to have that power, feels damn good. I get it. Yet when that distorted venting is taken up as real, by a politician exploiting that prejudice, then abuse of others occur.

So if certain industries are dying because of technological advancements, do I cling on desperately to that golden age when those industries (usually manufacturing based) were thriving, or do I embrace the advancements and see how I can equip myself for the new age? I get it though.

Isn’t it much, much, easier, to blame this group, ethnic minority, or political party, than do the inner work on myself that’s needed?

Isn’t it much easier to cheer on a man that deep down inside I know is as crazy and scaremongering as he seems to be, because at least then I don’t feel so alone in my own fears?

It’s much safer to bully, malign and place the blame on one particular opposing candidate, than it is to deal with the complexity of a world and a world economy that can’t easily be manipulated to fit my needs as they arise.

Trump reflects the toddler within us all, the insecure one within us all, who wants their own way all of the time.

His supporters are using him as the torch-bearer that gives them permission to expose their intolerance and prejudices and justify them as a desire for change.

In reality they don’t want change at all. They want things to be just as they were. They want a time when minorities didn’t have so much power, when jobs and pensions were secure for life, when lifestyles weren’t threatened by impending attack by ‘foreigners and outsiders.’

They want the world to be in awe of America and agree it’s the greatest country in the world. Yet not everyone in the world shares that view of America, nor do they need to.

We All Have Our Prejudices and Blind Spots

I understand this, we all have those energies within us. I have a part of me that wants the world to be exactly how I want it to be, that wants people to think exactly as I do. I have a part of me that doesn’t want to have to continually compromise and negotiate and get along with other people.

I have another part that doesn’t want to take into consideration people who have differing needs than my own and a part that doesn’t want to accommodate other’s differences and dissonances.

The difference is however, that when those energies arise in me, I know that they are simply a desire for control. I know they are a sign that I have given my power away to something or someone else. I know then that I have fallen into the belief that a government can save me, a political party can save me, a good job for life, with benefits, can save me – especially from myself.

I also know when I’m being unreasonable, intolerant, out of order, judgemental, attacking, passive-aggressive, defensive. I don’t simply allow that energy free rein. I self-monitor. I take ownership for my feelings, actions and reactions.

I look at what I want to change in my world and how my inner resources can be the catalyst that allows that change to occur. I then look for outer resources that can support that inner focus.

My inner Trump doesn’t just get free rein. I don’t even humour it. I take it seriously and tell it to stop giving its power away, stop trying to prop itself up with outer affirmation of its self worth, stop trying to prove to everyone that you’re really okay.

I direct it to stop attacking anyone just because they’re different. I teach it to stop looking for love and validation in all the wrong places.

Our Inner Trump Needs A Wake-Up Call

Our inner Trump needs to see the world as it is – as an ever-changing and evolving landscape. New industries rising and old industries falling. More diverse and divergent economies and economics.

Those who had little power gaining more power. Those who had all the power, having to relinquish that imbalance; whether they like it or not. New innovations and technologies that can either be embraced, yet still monitored for efficacy and ethics, or instead be reviled and feared for how they’re changing the world.

Let us all own our inner Trump so that the supporters of this reactionary and immature man, can own the projection of themselves that he represents, and take full ownership for their unique experience of life.

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