We all handle rejection differently. For some of us, it appears to slide off us, like water off a duck’s back. For others, rejection can be held onto like the world’s longest grudge. How then do we deal with rejection when it comes to our business relationships?

Dating and Rejection.

Rejection is something that many men face regularly. Despite this being 2019, the onus is still on straight men to make the first move, if they find a woman attractive.

Things are changing of course, but more often than not, it’s the man who has to deal with getting a yay or nay, in the dating world.

The more resilient types bounce back quickly and move on to the next person. They don’t take that rejection personally and so their hit/rejection ratio, tends to be more balanced.

Sometimes that bounce back muscle can be seen as boorish or insensitive. Even more so, if you quickly move on to the next person that gets your attention, without batting an eyelid.

How then does this apply to rejection in business?

How can we build our business bounce back muscles when it comes to selling our products and services?

Following the rules of dating, the answer has to be, don’t take it personally. If you didn’t get the sale, the deal or price that you wanted, it’s not personal to you.

That is, of course if you weren’t boorish and insensitive in your style. Because if you were, that is most definitely on you!

If you have a great attitude, believe in your product or service and have belief in yourself, then someone rejecting your offer, doesn’t have to impact you negatively.

The power of self belief.

Self belief is one of the most powerful traits you can have. It can be the difference between a good life and a mediocre one. It can also be the difference between greater profits or greater losses in your business.

On its own, self belief isn’t enough to make the sale. But coupled with a belief in what you’re selling, it can make all the difference.

That way, if a customer or client rejects what you have to offer, you won’t feel the need to be hard on yourself, or churlish with them.

You’ll understand that maybe a different approach or offer was needed. You’ll look at your price points, marketing materials, products and services.

You’ll also be looking at the customer or client with a perceptive eye, able to discern if they’re right for you! After all, the best relationships happen when you both have shared interests and complementary goals.

Businesses that know their target customer or client best, tend to be the most successful.

No point marketing to a client you’d hate to work with just for a sale. Equally, there’s no joy in forcing a sale on someone you knew wasn’t really on board. That only leads to headaches for you and your business, somewhere down the line.

Knowing your audience means that if rejection comes, you’ll be able to tell if the customer just needed a bit more time, if they were wrong for you in the first place, or if what you were offering them was the cause of the rejection.

Cultivate your bounce-back muscles. Believe in yourself, your products, and/or your services. Know what your customer wants and meet that need as best you can. The rest is not in your hands, so let that go and move with confidence in your business.

If you’re a stressed out sole trader or entrepreneur who needs copy for press releases, email campaigns, product descriptions, sales pages or engaging articles, then I would love to connect. I can provide copy to suit your particular needs and target market. Get in touch.

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