Well, it can certainly pose some good questions.

Was it suicide or murder?

This is the big question. Let’s have a look at the players and the circumstances surrounding his bizarre death.

  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • The prison guards
  • Ghislaine Maxwell
  • His billionaire clients
  • Prince Andrew
  • The ‘Hyoid Break’

Could Epstein have become so overwhelmed with shame, guilt and remorse that he took his own life? That scenario doesn’t seem very likely for a man who continued to court the rich and powerful even after his initial arrest for prostitution in 2008. 

Even after being named as a registered paedophile, Epstein continued to invite those same rich and powerful players to his private parties on his private island. An island that the locals referred to as ‘Paedo Island.’ 

The Prison Guards

These seem unlikely culprits, but given that they did not check on him every 30 minutes like they were supposed to for anyone on suicide watch, questions clearly still remain. Especially when they have been suspended from their positions without any real clarity about where they were and what they were doing instead.

According to The Daily Mail, Jeffrey Epstein apparently told prison guards and other inmates, that someone had tried to kill him. Given that he was hospitalised on July 24th after being found semi-conscious in his cell, there is definitely smoke and fire to that claim.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine, a former girlfriend of Epstein and latterly accused of being a procurer of young girls for Epstein and his clients, knew a lot of rich and powerful people. Her father, Robert Maxwell, was friendly with heads of state and billionaires alike. Could she have been used as a pawn to gain access to Epstein for nefarious purposes? 

The Royal Connection

As mentioned earlier, Epstein had many, many billionaire clients and celebrities in his circle. This included high profile royals such as Prince Andrew. The royal family have blatantly been in damage control mode since his death. Endless statements of how outraged they are by the allegations against Prince Andrew, are showing up in the press on the regular. Do they protest too much? 

The Hyoid Break

Apparently there are a series of horseshoe-shaped bones in the neck that have caused questions to arise about how Epstein died. These bones were found to be broken in Epstein’s case. When broken, these bones can indicate that either death by strangulation or suicide occurred. The evidence though inconclusive, does seem to be mounting here doesn’t it?

Who would benefit from his death?

Things become murky when we ask this question. The problem being that too many powerful people had links to Epstein. These shadowy figures would not want too many details of their involvement with him to come to light.

Seeing that he died the day before he was due to begin testifying, the coincidence – if one can call it that, seems to come straight out of a B-Grade Hollywood movie. When those self-same powerful people include previous and present presidents, who all have vast resources on their side, who can say? 

The Secret Diary

According to The Sun, a UK daily rag, Epstein had a secret diary where he kept details of his friendships with famous and powerful people as an insurance policy. If that’s the case did he also have further evidence in place that could come to light if he died in suspicious circumstances? We will certainly find out in due course. And don’t be surprised if other deaths in dubious circumstances start to come to light..

The Barr Connection

Attorney General Barr whose father Donald Barr hired Epstein to teach at his upscale private school, (without a college degree may I add) has since concluded that Epstein’s death was a suicide. Given that Mr. Epstein had no college degree and that he left teaching and became a billionaire with no real explanation of how such an extraordinary shift happened, this just adds more speculative fuel to the death-by-suicide fire.

The Conclusion:

Jeffrey Epstein lived a very murky life and he died a very murky death. Despite glaring attempts to cover up the truth of how he died, the truth will out. It always does; eventually. 

It has to be said that there’s a precedent for those accused of heinous crimes to kill themselves rather than face being humiliated and tried publicly. Hitler being one famous example. It also has to be noted that the rich and powerful are known for turning on their own when it benefits what they perceive as their greater good. 

In either case, The Jeffrey Epstein Story is definitely one Made-For-TV-Movie that I and many others will be looking out for.


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